Tenant Insurance

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Tenant Insurance

Our tenant insurance policies are affordable and flexible, and can protect the contents of your home as well as your best interests.

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If you don't own the home you're living in, insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense - but if your dinner goes up in flames or your bathtub overflows, you’re vulnerable as a renter without it.

And we all know... accidents happen.

When your rental unit has been accidentally damaged or destroyed, your landlord's insurance policy will cover what they own - the physical structure of the unit or building. You are responsible for protecting what you own - your livelihood and personal belongings.

Tenant insurance can cover everything from your laptop to your toilet paper, as well as provide protection in the case of:

  • A loss preventing you from occupying your rental, such as flood or fire
  • Damaged or stolen personal property
  • Required legal defense for your or a guest’s actions on the property
  • Injuries occurring in your home or on the property

In these cases, tenant insurance can cover:

  • Personal belongings, large and small
  • Living expenses if you are displaced from your unit, such as hotel accommodations
  • Liability in the event of unintentional damage to your unit or a person visiting your unit

Consider this: tenant insurance, on average, can range from $10-$20 per month or $120-$240 per year to cover all of your insurable contents.

Replacing an uninsured television alone could be 3x or 4x more expensive than that.

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