Telematics – User Based Insurance is Now Here!

Telematics Device
Telematics Device

What Is It?

New and innovative telematics allows YOU to control your auto insurance premium. Telematics or black box insurance monitors your driving habits and you are rewarded based on good driving behaviour.

What type of data does it collect?

  • How quickly you accelerate
  • If you break harshly or smoothly
  • What time of day you drive
  • The location of your vehicle

You can only save money, it will not increase your rates. You earn 5% when you sign up and up to 25% savings upon your auto renewal.

Watch this video from to see how you can benefit from Telematics.

How does it work?

What Insurance Companies offer it?

Intact Insurance - My Driving Discount

Currently this product is only offered by Intact Insurance. It will be available through our other Insurance Companies in Spring 2015

Who is Telematics good for?

  • Safe drivers that want to be rewarded for their good driving behaviour
  • Young drivers that want lower premiums for having good driving habits

How do you sign up?

Call 807-343-9444 or fill out our Auto Quote Request Form to start saving or to find out more about Telematics.

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