Ridesharing Insurance

Important information for drivers & vehicle owners interested in ridesharing for URIDE, Lyft and UBER


Inform Your Jones & Associates Insurance Broker

All vehicle owners who use their personal vehicles to carry paying passengers or rent their car through carsharing should inform their personal auto insurance representative.

Your insurer may permit you to drive for a ridesharing company or rent your vehicle  through a carsharing company, and may provide additional coverages that are not available through the ridesharing or carsharing company's insurer.

Some insurance providers may charge you an additional fee for permission to use your vehicle for ridesharing or carsharing activities. This fee may provide you with supplementary coverage to the company’s fleet insurance policy.

However, please note that insurers are not required to permit your vehicle to be used for ridesharing or carsharing activities under your personal auto insurance policy. They may attempt to cancel or not renew your personal auto policy.

Ridesharing Insurance for URIDE, UBER & Lyft

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Leased and rented vehicles

If your personal vehicle is leased or rented, you might not be able to:

  • participate in ridesharing as a driver
  • rent your vehicle to others through a carsharing platform

Review your lease or rental agreement carefully before carrying paying passengers or renting your vehicle through a carsharing platform. Be sure to check the terms of the lease or financing. You may also want to contact your leasing or car rental company and/or get independent legal advice before you sign on with a ridesharing or carsharing service.

The ridesharing or carsharing company's policy may differ from your personal policy

Your personal auto insurance coverage and options may be different than those provided under a ridesharing or carsharing company’s policy. That's why it's important for you to:

  • review the coverages provided by the company carefully
  • read all the information on the company’s website
  • talk to the ridesharing or carsharing company and its insurer, as well as your personal auto insurance representative, for additional information and advice


Insurance Offered By:

Gore Mutual Insurance, Intact Insurance & Aviva Insurance can accommodate ridesharing programs, speak to your own Jones & Associates broker today.

For more detail on Ridesharing, carsharing and auto insurance in Ontario, please visit the Financial Services Commission of Ontario website

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