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Landlord Insurance

Whether you're renting out a single room, a multi-unit building, or an Airbnb, you need to prepare for the unexpected

Accepting a tenant puts you at an increased risk for financial loss, and standard homeowners insurance only goes so far.

Landlord insurance is necessary for coverage unique to owning a rental unit.

Customized Insurance Policies

Jones & Associates insurance policies are customized to meet the needs of each landlord as every rental situation is different. We are able to determine your exposure to risk and coverage requirements by taking everything into account from building age and location, to the number of tenants and how long they'll be staying.

Along with familiar, primary home insurance considerations - like fire coverage - Jones & Associates will evaluate and educate you on additional protection from the risks uniquely associated with renting (that are mostly out of a landlord's control) including tenants causing damage, refusing to pay rent, and failing to vacate.

You have enough to think about as a landlord - leave the insurance work to us!

We may recommend some of the following insurance options:

  • Hazard & Fire Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • Builder's Risk Insurance
  • Vandalism & Theft Insurance
  • Sewer Backup Insurance
  • Student Unit Rental Insurance *
  • Rented Condo Insurance *
  • Loss of Income Insurance *
  • Apartment Building Coverage *
  • Seasonal Rental Coverage *
  • Short-Term (Airbnb style) Rental Coverage *
  • Damage by Tenants Covera ge *

* Landlord-specific coverage

While landlord insurance covers the building, tenant insurance is required to protect renters' personal items, contents, and liability within the unit. We recommend encouraging your tenants to consider tenant insurance to protect their belongings.

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