Client Access & Jones Insurance App

The Jones Insurance App (“Jones Insurance App” in Apple Store and Google Play) is an exclusive tool designed to give our valued clients access to all their insurance needs.  Access all of your policy information, such as; vehicle details, deductibles, premiums, and liability slips, right from your smart phone or tablet.  

Should you ever need our help with a claim you can submit all the necessary information directly through the Jones Insurance App to help process your claim accurately and quickly.   In fact, the Jones Insurance App is here to connect you to the help you need, when you need it.  

With the Jones Insurance App we can provide timely information to help protect you and your loved ones by informing you about important topics, such as; weather alerts, legislative changes, and even tips on how to save money on your insurance.

Ultimately, the Jones Insurance App is available 24/7 for you to communicate your needs and request changes to your policy.  

Whether you need to:

  • Add/Delete a vehicle
  • Change your license status
  • Change your Address
  • Or you just need to ask us a question, our new app is here for you.


Download the Client Portal App for your Apple phone Download the Client Portal App for your Android phone

Client Portal Website

Don’t have a smart phone or want to connect from your computer? Login in through the Client Portal website

Login to Client Portal Website


Frequently Asked Questions

I did not receive the One-Time Passcode.
Please ensure you are using the email address provided to us when requesting the One-Time Passcode to complete your registration. You can always request us to send you the registration email by calling us at 807-343- 9444
I did not receive an email when I hit 'Forgot password'?
Please double check the email address that you used for the app registration.
My policies are missing from my app.
Please don’t be alarmed. Your policy is still in force and we can look into why the app is not rendering the details for you. Please contact us immediately at 807-807-343- 9444.
I want to change my email and phone number, cannot find it under Settings.
Please use the Policy Change Request > Personal Details feature to submit your new phone number and email address as this will need to be reflected on your policy as well.
I only see my Home & Auto policies, why can’t I see my other type of policies?
Currently we only support Personal Auto & Property lines of insurance to be viewable on the app and web portal. We will be releasing all insurance types very soon!
I downloaded the app, but is there an online portal I can use to access my policies?
Yes, you can use the same registration ID and password to login to our Client Web Portal
I have submitted a Policy Change Request, but I don’t see the change reflected on my app.
Since this is a request, we will have to process it on our end first before you see the changes on your end. We will get in touch with you if we require additional information based on your change request.
What if have an incident to report but did not have time to submit it at the time of the event?
Not a problem, if it is an emergency we advise you to call your local 9-1- 1. You can always access the app or the portal to submit your incident at a later point in time. Make sure you edit the location, time and date prior to submitting the report.
Can I add more details to a claim submission after submitted?
Once the claim has been submitted through the app or the web portal, you can always contact us to have additional details added to your claim.
What happens after I report a claim through the app or portal?
We will initiate the claim process and be in touch with you if we require additional information.
Where can I find my pink slip?
Please go to the MyDocs section in the app or portal and select the policy and vehicle you would like generate a pink slip for. While changes to legislation are pending, please remember that electronic pink slips are currently not valid legal documents in Ontario.
How do my family members get access to this app?
You can provide your login access to all insured drivers that need access to the app or portal. Your security PIN will protect you from any member making a change on your behalf without your permission as the primary policyholder on the account.