Prepare Your Home for the Spring Thaw

With the snowfall we’ve had this winter, it’s only natural to worry about the effects a rapid melt may have on your home. However, a little effort now could save you a lot of hassle as the weather warms up.

We recommend taking the following measures to ensure that water flows into the drain instead of your home:

  • Consider removing any remaining snow on your roof, provided you can do so safely.
  • Remove debris that could slow water flow from your gutters and eavestroughs. Check for ice damming.
  • Push snow away from your home’s foundation.
  • Examine the grading in your yard to see if it slopes away from your foundation, allowing melting snow to flow away from your house.
  • Make sure that your downspouts extend at least two metres away from your home.
  • If your home has a backwater prevention valve on the main line of your sewer, make sure it is functioning properly.
  • Check that the sump pump and pit are in proper working condition.
  • Always keep an eye out for signs of water in your basement.

When it comes to water damage, sewer backup and flood coverages are optional, so it is essential to check your policy to review your coverage and limits. Following these steps will ensure your home is ready for the spring melt.

In the event of water damage, consider the following tips:

  • Whenever possible, clean up the area. Consult a professional when cleaning up to minimize the damage, and take whatever steps are reasonable to do so.
  • Make sure that nothing is thrown away. Damaged items should be placed in a safe, accessible place for the adjuster to see when they arrive.
  • Any appliance (including furnaces) that has come into contact with water should be inspected by a qualified electrician, serviceman, or dealer.
  • Never touch any electrical systems or panels unless it is safe to do so, particularly in damp or wet conditions.
  • Relocate damaged assets to a dry area with good ventilation.

Finally, if you proceed with a claim, we can help connect you with immediate remediation support as needed. Our team will then have an adjuster reach out to you and arrange to assess the damage.

For any additional questions, you can call us at 807-343-9444. As always, we’re with you.

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