Driver: You are the Wheelman

Are you considering driving for a ridesharing company like U-Ride?

You could use a little extra cash, who doesn’t? You have access to a vehicle and you have a smartphone, so why not get paid to give people rides instead of driving friends for free, right?

Did you know that your personal auto insurance policy may not permit your vehicle to be used for ridesharing? Does your coverage stop when you log into an app waiting for a ride request? When you accept a ride request? When you pick up a passenger? If you’re not sure about these answers talk to an expert that can help you find the right type of coverage. Proactive measures can help you to avoid your insurance provider cancelling your coverage or refusing to renew your policy.

Before signing on to work with a ridesharing company, find out when and how you are covered by the company’s insurance policy and then compare it to your own to find gaps in coverage. For example, if your vehicle is in an accident will your policy cover for a rental replacement? Would you be able to use the rental to keep working?

Jones Insurance can offer options for you today…so we can book a ride with you tomorrow. Contact us today to learn more, request a quote, or book an appointment at

Ridesharing Insurance for URIDE, UBER & Lyft
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