Cyber Insurance

Now that Cyber Attacks are becoming more sophisticated in their approach, the costs have become quite detrimental, and in some cases - can virtually take out your Business.

We have partnered with Cyberboxx™ to provide your business with comprehensive Cyber Insurance coverage, all in one affordable package.


ⓘ Did you know? Phishing Scams are often disguised to look like links like this.

How can a Cyber Attack affect you?

Before we can understand how Cyber Insurance can help your Business, it’s important to know what a Cyber Attack is, and how it can manifest itself. The impact of a security breach can be broadly divided into three categories: financial, reputational and legal:

Financial Loss

A direct financial loss associated with a Cyber Attack.

Eg. A Cyber Attacker steals your banking information via a Phishing Scam. In 2019, Canadians lost $130 million (CTV News) through various types of Phishing Scams.

Legal Loss

Legal costs associated with a lawsuit filed against your business as a result of a data breach.

Eg. Private customer / vendor information was stolen - and your Business is sued. For example, Lifelabs was sued in a $1 billion dollar class action lawsuit in 2019 (CPO Magazine).

Reputational Loss

The public trust and confidence in your business is impacted negatively by a Cyber Attack.

Eg. When word gets around that your Business has suffered a Cyber Attack, potential customers may be skeptical about using your products or services in the future.

How can our partnership with Cyberboxx™ help you?

Even if you think that your data may be secure - you still need Cyber Insurance. The reality is, over 90% of Cyber Attacks happen because of human error regardless of any counter measures you may have in place.

Gain instant access to the most comprehensive coverage and response tools available on the market.


This is Sandra’s Story

Sandra never thought her Business could experience a Cyber Attack. It wasn't until one of her Vendor's was attacked that she began to realize how important Cyber Insurance really is.

"One of our Vendors was recently compromised by a Phishing scam, and they lost all of their data. This was a major wake up call for us."


Key Benefits & Coverages

  • Online Cybersecurity training for all of your Employees
  • Options to boost your security with prevention services
  • 24/7 breach response on speed-dial

Wether you have adequate Cyber Insurance or not, we would be happy to have a conversation about how we can help your digital infrastructure remain safe and secure!

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