Electronic Pink Slips Now Available in Ontario

As of September 5th 2019,  The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) has approved the use of electronic proof of auto insurance in Ontario.  More information about the FSRA’s announcement can be found here.

Insurers may now provide electronic insurance cards that serve as proof of auto insurance on a mobile device. Consumers have the option of keeping an electronic insurance card on their mobile device instead of, or in addition to, a paper version.

For people who prefer the paper “pink card” as their proof of auto insurance, it is not being eliminated.  Electronic proof of insurance simply provides an option for Ontario drivers who own or lease a motor vehicle, including motorcycles and trucks, to access their auto insurance card in the way that best suits their needs.

During a one-year transition period, insurers who provide an option for an electronic insurance card must continue to provide a paper version of the insurance card at no additional cost.

So, what does this mean to you as a Jones & Associates Insurance client?

Our goal is to provide services that are convenient and easy to use.  We want our clients to have choice on how and when you receive documents and communications.  E-pink slips are one way in which you can control this experience.

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How to protect your data when providing your electronic proof of insurance

Learn how to lock your phone when providing your electronic proof of insurance from our friends at IBAO.org

Protect your Data while using Electronic Pink Slips

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Q) What if my phone isn’t working or I have no data?

A) Drivers must ensure they can show proof of auto insurance, regardless of potential issues with a mobile device such as poor cellular service, drained batteries or damaged screens.

Q) I am concerned about my Privacy giving my phone over to a police officer.

A) Insurance providers offering electronic insurance cards must include lock screen capability. This reduces the risk of other people getting access to personal information when viewing the electronic insurance card. However, it is still the responsibility of the driver in question to enable the screen lock function and make sure personal information is protected.

Q) Do I have to still have a pink slip?

A) It is still the law to have proof of auto insurance in the vehicle at all times, whether in paper or electronic format. Drivers are required by law to show proof of auto insurance to a police officer when asked.

Q) What about when I am driving in different provinces or the USA?

A) The requirements for showing proof of auto insurance outside of Ontario could be different. Drivers are encouraged to contact their insurance provider with any questions about proof of auto insurance before driving outside of the province.

Q) How do I add my electronic proof of insurance to my mobile phone.

A) For more information on how this e-liability slip solution works, including how to add to your phone’s digital wallet, or lock the screen, visit epinkslip.com

Q) Are there other options for accessing my policy information and e-pinkslips with my phone or mobile device?

A) Yes, visit Jones & Associates Self-Service for more ways to communicate and manage your insurance with us digitally.

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