Business Development Manager (Personal Lines)

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Jones Insurance is Hiring a Business Development Manager (RIB)

At Jones Insurance, we are hyper-focused on building relationships with our customers and community. We are looking for a like-minded individual to join our team as a Business Development Manager (Registered Insurance Broker) and be a part of our continued growth.

The growth and stability we offer at the Jones Team are unprecedented in our industry – the same goes for our culture. Our ideal candidate will come to us with the right blend of skill and professional experience to complement the duties of the position and values of the company. For all that we ask of this candidate, we compensate in equal measure.

Your primary responsibilities

Sales & New Business Acquisition

  • Support new, prospective, and existing clients in determining their insurance needs, identify gaps in existing coverage, and call out opportunities for enhanced or specialized insurance.
  • Compile and present comprehensive quotes for prospective and existing clients to make informed coverage decisions.
    Develop and achieve annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly sales targets.
  • Define plans and strategies using various prospecting techniques, referrals, and partnerships to meet targets and objectives.
  • Utilize supportive sales applications and tools in line with company directives.
  • Nurture opportunities for referrals or taking back business respective to the renewal cycles.
  • Support the creation and implementation of strategic marketing initiatives with the Sales Team.
  • Keep apprised of industry trends, changes, and opportunities as they relate to our clients.

Account & Relationship Management

  • Advise existing PL clients on their insurance coverage and provide information and advice on other personal insurance products.
  • Identify new coverage needs or opportunities and work proactively to address potential issues by completing thorough renewal reviews and maintaining a dialogue with existing clients.
  • Gather all necessary information for the completion of documentation required for insurance products.
  • Assist clients with account-related inquiries.
  • Field and discuss policy changes with clients and send corresponding change requests to the Personal Lines support team for processing.
  • Navigate the claims process with clients when a loss is incurred: provide a complete picture of options, take incident and risk details, relay them to the company, and maintain contact with the client and company until the claim is settled and closed.
  • Research and resolve client problems, acting as the liaison to the insurers when necessary.
  • Other Duties as required.

Your core competencies

  • Integrity & Attitude: your word is impeccable, and you consciously conduct yourself in line with our company values and vision.
  • Analytical & Detail-oriented: you can tackle problems methodically and comb through the fine print with ease.
  • Client Management: a natural relationship builder, you understand how to prioritize tasks to serve your clients' best interest.
  • Communication: you organize, disseminate, and deliver complex information to our existing and prospective clients in a manner that supports them, both spoken and written.
  • Resilient: you are flexible and adaptable to change and value diverse and creative approaches to make improvements.

What your background would look like

  • Knowledge of the local business landscape is essential.
  • 2-4 years in a position with a Sales component is ideal.
  • 2-4 years professional experience from a business, sales, finance, planning, marketing, or other fields where your success is demonstrable.
  • Post-secondary education that is complementary to a related industry is desired.
  • RIBO or CAIB designation is valued but not compulsory. We will help with the licensing path.
  • Experience with lead management software and sales training is valued.
  • Proficiency in Office 365 and basic technical competency is expected.

Why Join Jones Insurance?

  • People Focused - We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to take care of our customers and one another. We offer benefits, paid vacation, RSP matching, and a work environment that promotes wellness for our staff.
  • Family-Oriented - We are flexible with work hours (we have kids, we totally get it). Take your birthday off with pay to spend with your family and friends.
  • Community Driven - We include 2 paid days off for our staff to volunteer in our community any way they see fit. We also support local boards and charities -we want to make Thunder Bay an amazing place to live, work and play!
  • Continuously Improving & Growing - We nurture those who want to develop and provide security and autonomy to those who want to thrive in their role and make it their own.
  • Flexible Work From Home Options - We have the option for a hybrid model of office that allows for staff to work from home 2 days a week.

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Emergency Claims

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