About Us

In September of 1984, Jones & Associates Insurance opened its doors to serve the insurance needs for the people of Thunder Bay and area. The company has remained dedicated to the principle that the client is of paramount concern, and at all times customer needs are the first priority. In this way, insurance is much more than a mere product; rather it is a process directed by client needs, fueled with professional and ethical service. This conviction drives the company to this day.

Over the years, the company’s growth has relied on the quality of their staff who have brought tried and tested professionalism to the table, and who shared in their dedication to the client. At that time, this attitude was the exception in the industry. Jones & Associates Insurance stood in the vanguard and quickly grew to a leadership role in the local insurance market.

Their position was further reinforced by careful selection of insurance companies. Select and often exclusive associations with leading edge insurance companies, who shared the same corporate philosophy, assured the delivery of pro-active products and competitive rates bound together with a friendly, reliable and seamless response. This unique insurance mix proved to be a tremendous benefit to all.

The company has been compelled to relocate several times to accommodate their growth. Each move in turn led to a further expansion of services and product lines. The last move in the early spring of 1991 was to what is considered its permanent home in completely refurbished and modernized quarters on one of the city’s major thoroughfares.

In 2000, to keep up with developments in the overall insurance industry and with the general move towards consolidation of companies, Jones & Associates Insurance decided to align themselves with a larger, truly national company. This brought about certain benefits, but it soon became apparent that the face-to-face, personal touch was lacking. Responding to the urging of many of their clients, it was decided to “get back into the business”.

Accordingly, Mike Jones, president and founder of the company, as a first step in 2002, re-acquired the commercial accounts. The success of this venture and with the advent of a second generation family member, Jeff Jones the company gave rise to further expansion.

With the expiration of their association with the national company in 2006, the company became re-vitalized and launched itself into the personal lines area. The foundation of customer satisfaction still remains true, and the company has a younger, dynamic driving force, more suited to today’s needs and ways.

Jones & Associates Insurance remains dedicated to providing their clients with superior products, excellent service, and the hand of friendship when needed. “… We’re with you” is more than just a slogan — It’s a promise to our clients.