9 Halloween Insurance Tips For Spooky Season This Year

As you gear up for Halloween this year, there are a number of ways that you can ensure your home, guests, pets, and loved ones stay safe during spooky season.

Establish a Clear Path Around Your Home

Keep the area around your house clear of obstructions after dark to prevent your guests from tripping and falling. If you have toys, lawn ornaments, or gardening equipment on your lawn and walkways during Halloween, be sure to remove them.

Make Sure The Lights Are On

Make certain trick-or-treaters and other visitors can clearly see after dark to avoid accidental falls. As well as deterring burglars, you’ll reduce liability claims.

Confine Your Pets for Safety

Animals can jump on – and even bite – unknowing visitors, especially those in costumes. Make sure that your pets and guests remain safe on the porch or in open areas.

Be Cautious When Carving Pumpkins

Use a special pumpkin cutter to ensure safety this Halloween – or let the adults carve the pumpkins. Kids can help with the design before carving.

Jack-o-Lantern Safety

Trick-or-treaters and pets can easily knock Jack-o-Lanterns over if left unattended. This is particularly dangerous if the candles are lit. Invest in a battery-powered pumpkin light to avoid fire damage claims.

Be Wary Of Open Flames

For the same reason as with Jack-o-Lanterns, candle and luminary sets that are easily tipped over can lead to insurance claims for fire damage. Opt instead for battery-powered lighting or light sticks.

Think Before You Serve

This Halloween, remember that you are responsible for the safety of those who will be visiting your home. Only commercially-packaged treats should be given to trick-or-treaters. Serve non-alcoholic beverages to your older party guests who will be driving later; and do not serve alcohol to any under-age partygoers.

Ensure Your Home Is Secure

Do you plan to be away over Halloween? Make sure your security system is set up before you leave. Halloween tends to be a season of mischief and burglaries. Be sure to also turn on motion-sensitive lights, and let your neighbors know if you won’t be home.

Smoke Alarms Should Be Tested Regularly

Make sure to test your smoke alarms well ahead of Halloween to minimize the chance of fire damage claims.

Make Sure To Review Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Review your coverage. Feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns. We can review your policy and ensure you’re protected for the Halloween Holiday.

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